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Anna Layard of Layard Interiors furniture and home accessories

About Anna

Anna has been in Singapore for nearly 20 years with her husband, three kids and gorgeous dog Scruff.

Anna's background is in Art History and Anthropology, and that combined with her passion for travel has morphed into her business for art consulting and latterly also interiors. She also co-hosts art and meditation retreats in Java.

Anna’s collection is born from her love of travel, art and cultures. She hand picks all of Layard Interior's produce from ethically run, small family workshops in Southeast Asia.

Anna's produce is made using sustainable and ethically sourced materials using traditional techniques in a classic yet contemporary style.

Layard Interiors supports the communities in which her craftsmen live and work, and on each buying trip, sees the impact your purchases make.

5 of Anna’s original 6 stockists were tragically lost to covid, so her continued support for the communities in which her products are made, is more critical than ever to their survival, both long and short term.

In the age of mass consumerism, William Morris’ words “have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” have never been more pertinent. Anna’s collection of handmade, beautiful yet practical creations live up to this old and wise mantra.

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